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The Harrison Archive (formerly named thateventuality) is an ever-expanding fan page in appreciation of the music and history of George Harrison, and was founded in May 2010.

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The Harrison Archive is an ever-expanding fan-run archive documenting the music and history of George Harrison. It was founded under the name thateventuality in May 2010 for two main reasons: to explore George's music from his roots to his time with one or two famed bands and all aspects of his solo career in a detailed and nuanced way; and to compile in-depth, decades-long research of primary sources in one comprehensive place online. The aim of the archive is to place the spotlight on George’s own words and the words of his family, friends, and acquaintances in order to look beyond the myths, misconceptions and stale narratives. In short, to document George’s music and history as comprehensively, factually and respectfully as possible.

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The archive is curated by a fan, Andrea. The journey toward this fan page began when I stumbled across A Hard Day's Night on television one afternoon in March 1995. Fascinated by the music and the band, a quest began to hear more and find out more, and try to track down interviews to get information straight from the source.
Aside from creating @harrisonarchive, you can also find me working on additional projects dedicated to other favorite music, @itsouttasight and @pettyappreciation; and personally on Twitter @MsARobbins.​

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The Harrison Archive is in no way affiliated with the Estate of George Harrison, Dark Horse Records, Harrisongs Limited, or any other entity associated with the Harrison family. The owner of this fan page does not own the copyrights to any of the material posted, unless noted otherwise. All copyrights belong to their respective owners. No infringement intended. 
This archive is not for profit, and maintained by a fan in appreciation of George Harrison's music.